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Getting the right care at the right place

PHARMACY - Abrasions, Acne, Athletes foot, Bruises, Chicken pox, Colds, Conjunctivits (age over 1yr), Cold sores, Constiptation, Coughs, Diarrhoea, Dry skin, Earache, Emergency contraception, Hay fever, Head lice, Insect bites, Mouth ulcers, Nappy rash, Pain relief, Piles, Ringworm, Scabies, Sore throat, Smoking cessation, Sunburn, Threadworms, Thrush, Verrucas

DENTIST - Any condition involving your mouth, jaw, teeth and gums.

OPTICIAN - All eye conditions should be seen by an optician first for their expertise. Blepharitis (inflammation at the edge of the eyelid), conjunctivits, cysts, dry, red, sore, watery, sticky or itchy eyes, flashing lights, headaches when reading or watching TV, reduced or double vision, styes, squints in children, ulcers and abrasions.

FIRST CONTACT PHYSIO -Any new musculoskeletal pains. These include any new pain that affects your bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons and nerves. The First Contact Physio can assess your pain and prescribe painkillers. They will also refer you on for physiotherapy treatment if needed.

PRACTICE NURSE - Including but not limited to - Breast lumps, cervical smears, chest infections, contraception (not coils), diabetes, dizziness, minor injuries, nail infections, neurology problems, pain management, respiratory conditions (COPD etc), skin infections, shingles, swollen glands, tonsilitis, unusual headache, urinary tract infections, vaginal lumps, warts.

HEALTH CARE ASSISTANT - Bloods, blood pressure, B12, Call/Recall, CKD, diabetic reviews & more, hypertension.

TREATMENT ROOM - Acute burns, dopplers, dressings, leg ulcers, minor injuries, stitch & staple removal, wounds.

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When calling to book an appointment, the receptionist will ask you to briefly explain the reason for the appointment, this is so they can make sure you are seen by the right healthcare professional.

Routine Appointments - bookable up to 4 weeks in advance For non-urgent new health problems and for follow-up of existing health problems.

Sameday Appointments - Bookable from 8am for health problems needing attention on the same day. Please be flexible regarding who you see.

Emergency Appointments - for urgent health problems. We are unable to guarantee a specific doctor or nurse for these. Please remember these appointments are for emergencies, not routine health matters.

Your Appointment - However you choose to contact us we may offer you a consultation: By phone Face to face at the surgery We understand that appointments by phone can be more flexible for some patients, therefore we offer a range of telephone or face to face appointments. When you get in touch, we will ask you some questions. We will use this information to help you choose the most suitable doctor, nurse or health professional to help you.

GP Extended Hours

We offer early morning and early evening surgeries. These times vary throughout the week to suit the needs of our patients.

Please contact the Practice for further details.

Non-urgent advice: If you need help when we are closed

Please contact NHS 24 on 111. 

Do not turn up to out of hours without speaking to NHS24 beforehand.  

Your nearest A&E is Royal Alexandra Hospital, Corsebar Road, Paisley,  and nearest A&E for children is Royal Hospital for Children, Govan Road, Glasgow

Home Visits

When requesting a home visit, please try to call before 11am whenever possible.

Home visits are available for patients who, for example, are housebound or are so unwell they are unable to attend the surgery.

We would however encourage you to be seen at the surgery if possible, where we have better facilities to treat you.

Recording Registrar Consultations

Dr McLachlan & Partners are a training practice. Their GP Registrars do sometimes ask to video record their consultations. These recordings are extremely important to their training and ongoing development. If an examination is required, this will be done off camera.

All recordings are highly confidential and will be deleted after a set period and therefore will not be held permanently on file.

Who are GP Registrars?

GP Registrars are fully qualified Doctors who have chosen to specialise in General Practice. They have all previously worked as Doctors in a hospital setting for a minimum of 2 years and have chosen our Practice to continue on with their GP training.

Your current GP would have been a GP Registrar at some point!  Four of our GP Registrars have gone on to become Partners within the Practice and a further four have worked within the locality. 

Our Registrars are the GPs of the future.


Minor Ailments Service at Pharmacies

The Minor Ailments Service allows eligible patients to register with and use a community pharmacy of their choice as the first port of call for the treatment of common minor illnesses on the NHS. 

This link gives more information about this service.

What is the Minor Ailment Service?

Your Local Pharmacies

  • Boots Pharmacy 01436 674059
  • Rowlands 01436 674186
  • Gordons 01436 672823
  • Cardross Pharmacy 01389 841999
  • Garelochhead Pharmacy 01436 810002

Travel vaccinations

If you're planning to travel outside the UK, you may need to be vaccinated against some of the serious diseases found in other parts of the world.

View the NHS Travel Vaccination Advice