packets of pills

Repeat Prescriptions

Your repeat prescribing medication is listed on your prescription counterfoil. There are a number of ways to order more medication:- Online, direct to the surgery (see above link), via your pharmacy, phone our dedicated Prescription line on 01436 674967 or hand in counterfoil to the surgery.

Please note that if you are ordering an item which is not listed on your counterfoil, you must call the surgery 24hrs later to confirm that the item has been prescribed or if an appointment for a review is necessary. Your prescription can be sent to your normal chemist, or collected at the surgery, whichever is easiest for you. Please allow two full working days for all prescriptions to be processed and remember to take weekends and bank holidays into account.

Special Request Prescriptions

A special request prescription is medication the GP may have prescribed for you but hasn't put onto your repeat list. 

If you are requesting more of this medication it will need to be authorised by a Clinician.  You will be asked to contact the surgery in 24 hours to check whether your medication has been issued.  If it has not been authorised, you may be asked to book a review appointment at the Clinicians request.  For this reason, please make sure you leave plenty of time to order your medication and do not leave it run too low.