Test Results

X-Rays and Ultrasounds

X-rays - you can pop along to the Vale of Leven Hospital for an xray between the hours of 9.30am - 4.30pm Monday - Friday once you have seen/spoken to the clinician.

Please contact the surgery two weeks after the X-Ray has been done for your results.

Ultrasound - are by appointment only.  You will receive an appointment in the post. Please contact the surgery two weeks after the ultrasound has been done for your results.

Please phone for these results after 10am.  Thank you.

NB - During Summer months X-rays can take up to 8 weeks to be reported on.

Blood Tests

Blood tests will usually be done by our Health Care Assistants, and occasionally by our Treatment Room Nurse.  They must be done before 3pm. 

Blood Test Results

Generally we request that patients phone the surgery 7 days after their blood test has been taken to request the result.

Occasionally, where a result is required urgently, a clinician will ask you to phone sooner than 7 days.

Please phone for results after 10am.  Thank you.

Urine Results

If a sample is required, you should speak to the GP or Practice Nurse beforehand. They will either give you the relevant bottle and form to take away or will leave these at reception for you to pick up.  They will advise you which of the following two tests is being completed:

  • Urinalysis
  • MSSU

They will also advise you when to contact the surgery for the result.

Please note that we do not accept urine samples at Reception if they have not been requested by a clinician.  If you feel your urine needs checked, please first discuss this with a clinician.  This is to ensure the clinician has full information when interpreting the result. 

Please note that pharmacies can also deal with certain UTI's

Please phone for results after 10am. Thank you.

Smear Tests

Smear tests are normally carried out by our Practice Nurses and you will be invited by letter, from the Health Board, when your smear test is due.  Currently we have carried out smears for over 80% of women in the Practice for whom a smear is necessary.  Is your smear due?  Appointments are available - please make one now. 

  • Women aged 25 - 49 every three years.
  • Women aged 50 - 64 every five years. 

Smear Results

Please note that you will receive your smear result directly from the Health Board and not from the Practice.

Investigations carried out by the Surgery

Please ensure that you contact the surgery for these results.

The GP or Practice Nurse should have advised you when your results will be available - if you are unsure how to get your results please get in touch with us.

Please phone for results after 10am.  Thank you.

Investigations requested by a Hospital Consultant

The results of these go to the hospital consultant who should have advised you when and how to obtain the results.  If not and you are unsure, please contact the relevant hospital and ask to speak to the consultant's Secretary for guidance.